BALKHOORMA LLC has been founded in January 2016. Our plant is located in the heart of the mountains, in Balakan, a beautiful northern region of Azerbaijan and has a staff of about 150 kind and experienced employees. The plant is equipped with all the necessary automated equipments and is fully adapted to modern standards; it consists of a range of service sections including washing, peeling, cooling and packaging. We strive to sustainably support local farmers by purchasing fresh persimmons, our main raw material, from their orchards in Katekh and other surrounding villages, and by this way we are able to deliver the most delicious and 100% organic products to our customers too. As part of our social responsibility, we always aim to support other fruit producers by launching new product ideas so that we can provide our buyers with a variety of organic tastes, to name a few- persimmon molasses, dried tomato, fig, melon, date and so on. As Azerbaijan is in the top five in the world in terms of persimmon production, either fresh persimmon or final dehydrazied persimmon varieties are sufficient for both domestic sales and exports. Untill now, BALKHOORMA has reached to the markets of Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia and presented this exotic taste of Azerbaijan to foreign buyers. Our goal is to deliver organic and useful products to every customer with a wide range of products in more countries!


Production process


BALKHOORMA is equipped with all automated technicality, leading in the production of dried and semi-dried fruits; the enterprise consists of washing, stripping, cooling and packaging systems and meets modern standards. The fruits needed for production at our enterprise are collected from the personal persimmon gardens of the residents of Balakan region and undergo strict quality control. Fruits that pass quality control steps to the production process and modern automated equipment allows them to preserve all the beneficial nutirions of fruits and ensure 100% biological safety. In our company, where the production process is carried out in full hygienic conditions, the harvested material are brought to the processing plant; then first sorted- cleaned of damaged, unripe and overdue fruits, and washed in clean water. The juice of washed and cleaned persimmons is removed in a special device at low temperatures, which, while preserving the nutritional value and all the useful qualities of fruit, allows it to remain unchanged in its natural color. When the persimmons are ready, they are placed in special containers and cooled in a refrigerated chamber at a temperature of 25 C. The finished product is stored in warehouses in a special mode until it is sent for sale. Useful products of Balkhoorma are an organic variety for the food industry, catering establishments, a delight for your tea tables, and an elegantly designed gift for your friends and relatives on happy days!

1. Fruit accumulation
2. Washing
3. Initial inspection
4. Peeling
5. Dehydrating
6. Cooling
7. Freezing, -25 ℃
8. Packaging
9. Final assembling
10. Sales

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